Once again Nioa Pastoral Santa Gertrudis Stud made the trip south for the Sydney Royal Easter Show. With reduced entries this year across all breeds, the high standard of exhibits was a credit to all involved. Nioa took a team of six consisting of 2 Heifers and 4 Bulls.

The Nioa team came away with excellent results and a bag full of ribbons, along with Grand Champion Bull (NIOA QANTAS Q31 (ET)(AI). The results show the direction that the Nioa Stud is headed, as well as their dedication to the breed. Over the last 2 breeding seasons, Nioa has put a huge emphasis on quality with their IVF, ET and AI programs and the effort is really starting to pay dividends.

I would like to thank all the Nioa staff and Pinedock Fitting Service for the work they put in behind the scenes, as well as show days. Results and milestones like this are truly a team effort.

We will be proud to offer the winning genetics at our Nioa Pastoral Big “S” Santa Gertrudis Sale coming up in September 2021.

Category Place Name
Santa Gertrudis Female (Over 12 & Under 15 Months)
3rd in Class
Nioa Helena (R03) (P)
Santa Gertrudis Bull (Over 9 & Under 12 Months)
1st in Class
Nioa Redhawk (R39)
Santa Gertrudis Bull (Over 12 & Under 16 Months)
1st in Class
Nioa Ruger (R08)
Santa Gertrudis Bull (Over 18 & Under 20 Months)
1st in Class
Nioa Qantas (Q31)(ET) (AI)
Santa Gertrudis Bull (Over 20 & Under 24 Months)
1st in Class
Nioa Quebec (Q09) (ET) (AI) (PP)
Santa Gertrudis Senior Champion Female
Senior Champion
Nioa Lucy (Q14) (AI) (PP)
Santa Gertrudis Junior Champion Bull
Junior Champion
Nioa Qantas (Q31) (ET) (AI)
Santa Gertrudis Senior Champion Bull
Senior Champion
Nioa Quebec (Q09) (ET) (AI) (PP)
Santa Gertrudis Grand Champion Bull
Grand Champion
Nioa Qantas (Q31) (ET) (AI)
Santa Gertrudis Breeders Group
Overall Winner
Nioa Pastoral Company